2017 Annual Family Christmas Photo

Once again I got this accomplished BEFORE the beginning of December!!

YAY for Walgreens and the awesome 50% off coupon!!

2017 provided us the perfect opportunity to get not only all 6 of the Bertelson Bunch together in the same place at the same time, but also our newly acquired son-in-law Jonny who married our oldest daughter Melanie.

It truly was an amazing, magical wedding that took place on Veterans Day (11/11) at “Hidden Beach” in Key Largo, Florida.

Sadly our 2 pups were not allowed at the wedding venue with us … so though they are absent in this year’s photo, they are both still with us …. elderly ladies!!  Twix was 14 in August and Twizzler will be 13 in January 2018. Twix is finally starting to show some signs of aging with her vision and hearing failing. Twizzler is still agile & fine … but food still makes them both happy !!

We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and that 2018 will be a BRILLIANT year!!!

Also here is the link showing ALL the past Annual Christmas Photos

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2016 Annual Family Christmas Photo

Bertelson Bunch 2016I am feeling SO proud of myself that I actually got this accomplished BEFORE the beginning of December even!!

I mailed out the 70+  cards we are sending on Nov 30th!!  I like to wait until those have been delivered (well at least the majority of US bound ones, I know the UK, Japan, Canada & Mexico ones will take longer) before I post the online version (you can click on the photo for a larger version.)

2016 prooved impossible to actually get all 6 of the Bertelson Bunch actually in the same place at the same time! Having adult children (7 more months and ALL 4 of the M&M’s will be in their 20’s !!!) means that work & college schedules don’t play nice.

So we decided to stick with the Modern Technology theme again this year. Last year we “tried” to do a #SelfieStick shot but ended up using a lovely photo taken by our oldest daughter’s fiance Jonny.  So this year (since let’s be honest we all spend a large chunk of our daily lives looking at our cell phones) we decided to do a screenshot of our phone with a recent photo of ourselves as the background.

Question: Anyone figured out the significance of the times on each screenshot?

That way everyone could email me the screenshot and I could whip up the 5×7 photo card design … AND I got to use the AWESOME Walgreens 50% off (LIVEITUP50) coupon!!

Matt managed to get his pup Maitei in his screenshot and I added in recent photos of our 2 pups.

So as this crazy year ends, we wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and may 2017 be AMAZING!!!

Enjoy – here is the link to ALL the past Annual Christmas Photos

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Happy New Year – 2015 Annual Family Photo

Berts-2015-2016-4x8-finalThe original plan for our Annual Family Photo this year was to do a Selfie Shot of the family.

Since 2015 is the year of the #SelfieStick – combined with that I wanted to do it in a HIGH location (knowing that we would all be up in the Appalachia Mountains for Christmas at our Bertsnest Cabin)

So I took LOTS of selfie shots – and as you can imagine with 6 people plus furkids, there was someone either cut out of the frame or with closed eyes or looking the wrong way in every one !! (I will pick out the best and upload them as a “blooper album” HaHa

Meanwhile Jonny (our oldest daughter Melanie’s FIANCE – he proposed to her on Christmas Eve) was snapping shots of us with his camera phone … and HE is the one that got the winning shot.

So ironically my #SelfieStick is lying in my lap – HaHa

All 3 dogs looked perfect too, because a dog barked in the distance and so all 3 of them perked up their ears just as Jonny took the photo!

What a magical time we all had up in Blowing Rock/Boone.

Here’s wishing ALL of you reading this a Happy New Year – may 2016 be AMAZING!!!

Enjoy – here is the link to ALL the past Annual Christmas Photos

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Another Year has gone already!

In fact MORE than a year – this year’s photo is officially a….

HAPPY NEW YEAR photo !!!


Our INITIAL idea for the 2014 photo was something completely different and we WERE going to try and accomplish it at Thanksgiving …. the first time that all 6 family members would be in Palm Beach County at the same time as Maddie would be home from College for 4 days …. BUT it didn’t happen!!

So we said, OK, no need to stress, we’ll try again when she comes back for winter break …. trouble was Maddie arrived from College on Dec 18th … but Nils LEFT on Dec 13th on a cruise with his Dad for a week. So they didn’t return until the 20th. Nils did TWO 48 hr shifts within the next week … AND the weather was NOT cooperating !!!! So I gave up in the end and came up with this idea (which didn’t need everyone in the same place at the same time!!!) which I actually really like!!

We will attempt to accomplish our original idea in the SUMMER of 2015 when it’s warmer and the weather won’t be an issue and it will be ready in PLENTY of time for Christmas 2015 🙂

Hope you all had a good Holiday Season and that 2015 is a SPLENDIFEROUS year!!

Alice, Nils, the 4 M&Ms and the furkids, Twix, Twizzler and new addition (Matt’s dog) Maitei

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2013 Annual Family Christmas Photo

OK, so it’s that time again 🙂

Below is this years edition of our family photo (click on it to see larger version)


We did have some great photos from Bali (Summer vacation) but only the 3 girls went with us so they were missing Matt – so we decided to create a different one 🙂

Plus getting all 6 of us with different school & work schedule together at once is next to impossible – so I photographed each person individually, and then I photo-shopped us all into the one shot and added the Gotham City Batman background 🙂

The 2 dogs were added at the last minute because the girls said they had to be in it too!

Enjoy – here is the link to ALL the past Annual Christmas Photos


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The Unveiling of the Annual Family Photo

So you think our 2012 Annual Family Christmas Photo is Photo-Shopped eh???

Well it’s NOT – and below I will show you the proof!

These photos show the whole process ….

– arriving at the beach (Reef Road, Palm Beach)

– digging the hole,
– getting into the whole,
– being buried by mounds of sand,
– being tortured with love by the pups while buried,
to finally
– getting out of the whole caked in sand

… feast your eyes – they are quite amusing 🙂

as you can see the dogs weren’t quite as disinterested as the FINAL PHOTO (below) portrays them to be – but it did make me laugh as it appeared as though they were saying,

We’re not with them, this family is NUTS, we don’t know them really!


The photo below is the FINAL photo that is going out in the Mail and being released online for this year.

It’s a different size (4 x 6) to the one used in the header on this website, but it’s the same photo, but with more sky above, sand below, different font for text in the sand and different placement of the text added – which was (yes) added in Photo-Shop – but WE are NOT Photo-Shopped into the sand as some are thinking upon seeing the photo 🙂

Finally – if you want to see our Annual Family Photo from previous years, they are on the following page



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